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C2M on Cyber Space Session

3rd IFACWorkshop on Cyber-Physical and Human Systems


December 3 -5, 2020

THE 3rd IFAC Workshop on Cyber-Physical and HumanSystems (CPHS 2020) is a premierbiennial technical workshop which brings together researchers, students, andpractitioners from universities, industries, and government agencies to shareand discuss the latest advances in theories, technologies, and applicationsrelated to cyber systems, physical systems, and human systems as well as theintegration of cyber-physical and human systems from single-space to tri-space,namely: cyber space, physical space and social space.
CICCwill hold C2M on cyber space session during the conference. The youth workingcommittee and C4ISR professional committee of CICC are responsible for the session.Welcome to participate actively. Details of the forum are as follows:
Titleof the Session:
Command, Control andManagement on Cyber Space
Content and List of Topics:
Topics ofinterest include, but are not limited to:
  • Intelligent command and control

  • Cyberspace modeling theory

  • Multi-model perception and learning

  • Risk perception of Cyberspace

  • Intelligent decision and planning

  • Human-computer fusion

  • Explainable artificial intelligence

  • Reliable Graph Nueral Networks

  • Auto machine learning and meta data mining

  • Human behavior modeling, representation and prediction

  • Knowledge graph-based Causal Reasoning

  • Cyber-physical and Human system security and incident management

  • Communication and decision support for research and rescue

  • Cyberspace monitoring

  • Task scheduling and resource allocation

  • Privacy preservation in cyberspace

  • JirongQin,Chinese Institute of Command and Control

  • YuchaoLiu,   National Engineering Laboratory for Integrated Command and DispatchTechnology

  • Honghui Chen,   National University of Defence Technology

  • HuapingLiu, TsinghuaUnivercsity

  • Xiaolong Zheng,   Institute of Automation, ChineseAcademy of Sciences

  • Lei Wang,   Tongji University

  • Canbing Li, Shanghai Jiao TongUniversity